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+ Quality in Volume

Seedstock plus is the largest full service genetic supplier of Gelbvieh and Balancer genetics. Marketing between 800-1000 bulls, 200+ registered females and hundreds of commercial females a year. All with industry leading selection criteria behind them.

+ Extensive Data and Genomic Enhanced EPD’s

All bulls are marketed with the most extensive data available in the industry, including feed efficiency provided by our own Grow-Safe Facility. We also provide genomic enhanced EPD’s furnished by the respective breed Associations.

+ Disposition and Soundness Sort

We don’t trim feet or tolerate any bad attitude. Every bull is handled individually and must be very manageable, have sound structure and have a good foot under him.

+ Complete Vaccination Program, Semen Checked and Negative “Trich” Test

We follow a comprehensive vaccination program. Every bull regardless of age passes a breeding soundness exam, prior to being sold. Every bull is marketed with a negative “trich” test even though they are virgin bulls.

+ Breeder Guarantee

Bulls are marketed with a breeder guarantee that states we stand behind these bulls for disposition, structure and fertility. It is our job to catch these issues before we market a bull. Any bull that has a bad attitude, develops bad feet or structure, and/or won’t settle cows will be replaced or credited for the purchase of a replacement.

+ Market with Integrity

We pride ourselves on treating our customers the way we would like to be treated during the purchase process. As such there are no games going on during our sales. We announce an opening bid across the entire offering and whatever the individual brings after that is based on what the customer’s bid. No floors, no push and no nonsense.

+ Injury/Death Warranty

Insurance for your bull. For a cost of 5% of purchase price your bull will be covered for any injury or death for 6 months. No proration, no fine print. If you take the optional warranty on your bull purchase and the bull dies or is injured we will replace the bull or credit your account minus any salvage value.


+ Videos of All Sale Bulls

A week to ten days prior to each sale we post a short video clip of every bull online. We can also burn and mail you a copy of the bull videos.

+ Guaranteed Sight Unseen Purchases 

Over 30% of our bull business is conducted sight-unseen by Seedstock Plus on behalf of our customers. With the customer input we build a set of criteria or a list of acceptable bulls. The customer sets the budget. We purchase bulls for the customer and deliver on approval. At delivery if the bulls are as good as or better than expected for the budget then the deal is done. If however we missed the mark, then there is no obligation to take the bull/s. Very few bulls are rejected because we are extra critical on our sort for the sight unseen program and we also are cautious in how we spend our customer’s money. 

+ Free Trucking

Free trucking to your farm or ranch on every bull. There is no minimum number of bulls or dollar spent to qualify. No maximum distance either. Any bull, any place, free trucking period. Or if you pick up your bull/s from the sale we do deduct $75 per bull off of your purchase.

+ Cattle Current

Cattle Current is a daily electronic newsletter that is free to Seedstock Plus customers. It offers a convenient snapshot of the previous day’s cash and futures markets for calves, feeders, fed cattle, replacement females and related commodities. You will also find pertinent market related news. If you would like to receive a free subscription to Cattle Current, all you need to do is become a customer of Seedstock Plus and furnish us with an email address.

+ Customer Follow-Up

With an extensive and growing customer base we can’t contact everyone, every year. We are however committed to try. We pride ourselves on keeping in contact with our customers after the sale. We maintain a toll free office number to make it easier for our customers to contact us and we prioritize our time to make the calls and farm/ranch visits to follow-up with our customers. Additional follow-up happens with newsletters, sale activities and meetings.

+ Marketing Assistance

We conduct 2 sales a year to assist our customers in marketing their replacement quality females. We are active throughout the year in private treaty placement of replacement females. We also assist our customers in the marketing of feeder cattle.

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