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Get the best value for your genetic dollar.

We bought our first Seedstock Plus bulls at their first sale in Canyon, TX the fall of 2000 and have been pleased with their consistent quality, condition and temperament over the years. Accordingly we have purchased our yearly bull replacements at every sale since then. Thanks Seedstock Plus for your consistent service!

Cotterill Ranch LLC, Cherryvale, KS

Gary, Dr Paul and Rex Cotterill

Work with a full-service supply of leading cattle genetics that has a proven track record of helping customers leverage genetic value as overall cattle markets ebb and flow.

We have been buying bulls and females from Seedstock Plus for over 13 years and have never been to a Seedstock Plus sale. That says something in itself! They are always quick to respond to my phone calls and always full of good correct information on each bull. Delivery after sale days is always fast; never more than a week. Videos of each individual lot makes for easy sight-unseen selection. I look to be a continued customer for many years to come.          Baylen Malaske, Harrah, OK

Find the optimum genetic solutions to fit your needs with the help of Seedstock Plus's comprehensive database and expertise.

I’ve enjoyed working with Seedstock Plus for the past several years. It’s reassuring to have a resource like yours to call on for quality and consistent bulls for our 300 head cow herd. We continue to see improvement in the cow herd as we keep heifers from Seedstock Plus sired replacement heifers. Also it is of note that our yearling steer and heifer calves are at the top of the market every year. Thank you for the great work you and Seedstock plus do for my cattle program.

Thomas T Tucker MD

Tucker Farms, Bradfordsville, KY

Benefit from ongoing customer service after your purchase.

We have been in the heifer development business for several years. Our customers require easy calving from our heifers but still need good growth from their calves. In our search for the right bulls, we found Seedstock Plus and their bulls have the requirements that we were needing. You can depend on Seedstock Plus to make sure you are getting the specific bulls you are needing. You can be certain that the bulls you have purchased will be delivered with your approval. The best part is after you have made a purchase with Seedstock Plus, they will check in periodically to make sure that the bulls are performing to your expectations.

Sam Newlin, Bucklin, MO