Our Customers

 As of 2016, Seedstock Plus has done business with over 3375 producers in almost every state in the continental U.S. as well as Canada and Mexico. We pride ourselves on how we conduct business with and for our customers but don’t take our word for it...scroll through the following testimonials (in addition to the ones on the front page) and hear what our customers have to say! 

“Marketing heifers through Seedstock Plus really helped my bottom line,” says Tim Evert of Warrensburg, MO. “It has increased the value of our heifers by $300-$400 per head, maybe more in some cases. I’ve seen extra profit by marketing heifers through Seedstock Plus.”  Evert is a longtime Seedstock Plus customer who first used Seedstock Plus bulls on heifers.   “Those bulls worked really well, and I decided we should use them on our cows, too,” Evert explains. “It has made a big difference in our weaning weights.”     At the time, he had Charolais crossbred and other mixed breed cows. He used mostly Balancer bulls at first but evolved to using Gelbvieh bulls on predominately Angus females and then Balancers on those calves.  “One of the biggest influences Seedstock Plus genetics has made on our herd is calving ease,” Evert says. “We run enough cows that there’s lots of opportunity to get into a jam. We don’t hardly ever have to pull a calf from our heifers or our cows.” “John talked to me several times and said to let him know when I had heifers to sell,” Evert explains. “The first year we sold heifers through Seedstock Plus, John helped us sell them private treaty. He was involved in every bit of that. I’m not sure that’s something you’d find other seedstock providers doing, working so hard to help you market cattle sired by their genetics.” “John and Seedstock Plus work hard to satisfy you. John doesn’t just sell you a bull, he tries to match the bull to your needs. They have a fantastic warranty program, but the quality of the bulls is such that you don’t often need it.” If a problem does occur, Evert appreciates how willing Seedstock Plus is to work with customers to make it right and not leave them hanging.  “John will work with you, and he won’t leave you in a jam if you’re needing to replace a bull in a hurry,” Evert says.

Tim Evert

Warrensburg, MO

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Sam Newlin is a longtime Seedstock Plus customer.  “We’d been unhappy with the Angus breed and were unable to buy the kind of bulls our customers wanted us to use,” Newlin explains. More specifically, his heifer customers wanted calves that came easy but grew fast and ended up as a calf or feeder-weight animals with traits the buyers demanded. “So, we used Balancer bulls on a pen of heifers and had wonderful luck,” Newlin recalls. “Today, all of my bulls are Seedstock Plus, one way or the other.”  Newlin says, “People don’t often think about foot trouble, especially on bulls. It’s a serious thing. John spends a lot of time looking at the feet and legs of the bulls as they’re being developed.”  It all has to do with developing and marketing problem-free bulls, but also in understanding where and how bulls will fit in different customer herds. “I’ve got two bulls now that need to be replaced,” Newlin says. “I just call John and tell him what I need (heifer bulls or bulls for cows) and he takes care of it.”

Sam Newlin

Bucklin, MO

Calves weighed more than anyone else’s in the area at the same age!  You know I am happy with the bulls! 

Vickie Kruse - AV Cattle

Nara Visa, NW

Everything they ever said they’d do, they’ve done. They just do what they say, they won’t let you get something that you can’t use. 

Mike Hamm - Hamm & Rice Farms

Florence, AL

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You are one of the most honest and trustworthy men I have ever met.  You pair that with tremendous cow sense and you have one hell of a seedstock producer.  I know any animal I buy from you will have passed one of the toughest screening processes in the business.  Furthermore, I know if I ever had a problem with one of your bulls that you would do everything possible to make it right with me. 

Brian Bunch

Harrisonville, MO

The Seedstock Plus bulls we have used in the past have been dependable, exceptionally good natured, easy fleshing, and most importantly been sound producers of quality calves.  There are many issues on the farm a producer must worry about in the daily routine but bull power is not one of these if you are using Seedstock Plus bulls.  

Steve Peddicord - Springhaven Farm Inc.

Albany, KY

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Tyler Cockrell is the third generation in his family to buy Gelbvieh and Balancer bulls, first from Burbank Cattle Co. before there was a Seedstock Plus, and then from Seedstock Plus. “We always liked Gelbvieh for their milking ability and the fact that they’re more docile than Angus. Angus brings us more meat quality. So, we really believe in the mix of the Balancer cattle, and they’re easier cattle to handle,” Cockrell says. “John has always been a good knowledge resource for us. I can always trust that he will give us the best answer possible,” Cockrell says. “Like any good rancher or farmer, John is always looking for feedback from his customers. I think that’s what customer service is all about.”

Tyler Cockrell

Lee's Summit, MO

 “We appreciate your assistance with the breeding program at Covert Cattle Company here in Buffalo, MO.   We now have 5 herd bulls acquired through Seedstock Plus including 3 Gelbvieh and 2 Balancer bulls that are easy to handle and siring some awesome looking calves.  We are excited about our AI synchronization program success that Seedstock Plus has supported with your select AI Bulls.” 

Covert Cattle Company

Buffalo, MO

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